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Always perfect!

Jack, 15 Jun 2019

We love your food

Daniel, 14 Jun 2019

food was very good, I did order 2 keema naans but I got 1 plain and 1 keema instead.

Simon, 11 Jun 2019

first time ordering and the FOOD WAS AMAZING !!!!! we will defiantly be ordering again

Olivia, 08 Jun 2019

I ordered from here for the fist time tonight, the food was delicious, it areived hot, fresh and a hig portion. This will now be my go to Indian take away

Samantha , 07 Jun 2019

We used to buy regularly from Mint, we love the tikka biryani, it was really yummy but today the taste was completely different it doesn't taste like before.

Gopinath, 31 May 2019

Having tried all the rest we now just stick with the best! Consistently good food!

Jackie, 28 May 2019

yummy as always

Peter, 17 May 2019

You are our local. Always lovely food.

Donna, 17 May 2019

easy way to order a takeway

Mr York, 01 May 2019

Fantastic meal, definitely ordering again.

Julia, 06 Apr 2019

Amazing Food as always!

Ricki Rajah, 05 Apr 2019

Always great food delivered at the promised time

Tony, 31 Mar 2019

Really pleased with food and service

Perry, 29 Mar 2019

Good quality food and you maintain the quality.

Amit, 26 Mar 2019

Very Morish :o)

Kieran, 13 Mar 2019

worth a try

Drm Buckton, 25 Feb 2019

First time have used Mint very good

Andrew, 23 Feb 2019

Not sure exactly when we ordered and I know it was probably very busy with it being Valentines Day but our order took between 1 hrs 20 mins and 1 hr 30 this evening.

Kathryn, 14 Feb 2019

Excellent food as usual. Thank you. Darren & Shaz Helm, WD19

Sharon, 12 Feb 2019

Very nice as always and great size portions. If you can swap out the mint sauce for mango chutney and it would be even more awesome!

Lucy, 08 Feb 2019

Always been good in the passed

Dan, 08 Feb 2019

Brilliant as usual. Thank you. Darren & Shaz Helm, 66 Chalk Hill, WD19 4BX

Sharon, 29 Jan 2019

Very nice Indian dishes

Silvia, 12 Jan 2019

You can deliver later than 1900 as I selected 1935 but I went back a page to change payment method and it must have put the time back to 1905. Whatever is convenient for you.

Lucy, 11 Jan 2019

Great Indian Meals - family favourite

Tony, 31 Dec 2018

good food and service

Sudhakar, 30 Dec 2018

Timing slightly out compared to the estimated time of arrival by about 15-20 minutes after the 50 minutes when order was placed.

Peter, 26 Dec 2018

Always good quality

Emma, 22 Dec 2018

It’s the first time we have ordered from Mint and we we’re very impressed food came on time and was hot and tasty. We’ll definately be ordering again

Jodi, 08 Dec 2018

always good food and quick service

Damian, 08 Dec 2018

Great food

Mitul, 07 Dec 2018

Good food

Hans, 30 Nov 2018

Best curry around

Jack, 29 Nov 2018

Excellent as usual. Thank you. Darren & Shaz, WD19

Sharon, 18 Nov 2018

Food was excellent, as always. My only comment would be it would be nice to be able to track timings properly as the timer is automatically set at 50 or 55 mins and it doesn't bear any relation to the actual timing. A more accurate timer like the one Dominoes use would be better!

Kathryn, 18 Nov 2018

Amazing as usual. Thank you

Marisa Maria, 18 Nov 2018

we are vegans, and have found Mint to produce the best quality meals in Watford so far, polite, friendly fast and great food, what more can you ask for :)

Andy, 07 Nov 2018

Mint always maintains a high standard, which is why we always order from you.

Dom, 06 Nov 2018

Amazing taste... We loved it.

Priyanka, 30 Oct 2018

Always great

Mitul, 27 Oct 2018

Our regular Indian take away

Tina, 27 Oct 2018

outstanding Indian food, best in Watford

Robert, 20 Oct 2018

Great food

Mitul, 14 Oct 2018

Tasty as usual!

Daniel, 14 Oct 2018

Always a good meal recommend this restaurant to everyone

Robert, 08 Oct 2018

Exceptionally good food.

Meyhana, 05 Oct 2018

Exceptionally good food.

Meyhana, 05 Oct 2018

Very nice food

Hitesh, 22 Sep 2018

Good food and friendly team.

Amit, 20 Sep 2018

It’s all good

Chris, 18 Aug 2018

Great food and quick service

John, 18 Aug 2018

Very nice flavour in all dishes

Alan, 05 Aug 2018

Best Indian takeaway i have ever had

Dave, 04 Aug 2018

Absolutely love Mint... amazing food, great customer service and a fabulous place to order our favourite Indian takeaway.

John, 30 Jul 2018

Excellent food, as always.

Kathryn Brittain, 22 Jul 2018

Signing into your website was a little difficult tonight. It took 3 attempts to put the postcode in, every time I got to the last letter it soul delete the whole thing.

Dean, 20 Jul 2018

Good tasty food

Jen, 16 Jul 2018

Food excellent as always, and quicker than usual (half an hour).

Kathryn, 09 Jul 2018

Your app is very easy to use. I like it a lot. The food is always delicious and that's why Mint is our takeaway of choice.

Richard, 03 Jul 2018

All good

Anosh , 19 Jun 2018

Compared to other places the naan are quite expensive.

John, 15 Jun 2018

Without doubt the best Indian takeaway in Watford and beyond. The consistency of the food is excellent. Well done to everyone at Mint.

Steve, 26 May 2018

Really tasty food

Tom, 25 May 2018

Really tasty food. Good quality...

Hema, 11 May 2018

Lovely meal every time

Mary, 04 May 2018

Thank you for always having a lovely meal

Mary, 04 May 2018

Always great food.

Katherine, 29 Apr 2018

Hi Amin Thank you very much for a really speedy service tonight. The curry was lovely as always. However my son ordered a Chicken Balti and when it came it was a Lamb Balti.

Kirsty, 21 Apr 2018

Great food

Robert, 16 Apr 2018

Easy site to use, works well. Food always arrives quickly and great taste.

Jen, 07 Apr 2018

Great curry as always

Andrew, 30 Mar 2018

always been a pleasure ordering and receiving a lovely dinner from you, we have used you for a long time for a reason! :)

Sean, 29 Mar 2018


Tasty food

Catherine, 29 Mar 2018

Great food , speedy delivery !

Michelle, 24 Mar 2018

We love Mint! Always excellent delicious food and we really appreciate you delivering to us even though we’re just up the road and lazy! Brilliant

Jo, 22 Mar 2018

We love Mint! Always excellent delicious food and we really appreciate you delivering to us even though we’re just up the road and lazy! Brilliant

Jo, 22 Mar 2018

Great flavours. Our favourite takeaway.

Craig, 17 Mar 2018

We love Mint and the website ordering is so easy!

Elaine, 11 Mar 2018

A little on the expensive side but the food is excellent and I’ve never had a bad meal. Best takeaway in Watford.

Tracy, 03 Mar 2018

Nicest food in Watford!

Colette, 03 Mar 2018

nice food with timely delivery

Ravi, 28 Feb 2018

Much quicker arrival than recent orders. Food excellent as usual.

Kathryn, 19 Feb 2018

What a shame!!! The food is maybe the best I have ever tasted but the service is disgusting!!! You ruined our meal tonight

Alex Keane, 17 Feb 2018

Awesome takeaway

Mark, 16 Feb 2018

There are loads of Indian restaurants out there but we use Mint because the meals they create are of a consistently high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mint to anyone.

Richard, 06 Feb 2018

The best by far... shame it's not a restaurant... number 1 in Watford...

Steve, 15 Dec 2017

Great food great service great chef

Jane, 10 Dec 2017

Great takeaway, consistently good quality.

Steve, 02 Dec 2017

Excellent food. What sets this takeaway apart from the others is the consistency and quality of the food.

Steve, 11 Nov 2017

The only place in Watford I like to get Indian food from. May not be the quickest but perfection rarely is.

Sharon, 10 Nov 2017

Very slow tonight. It used to arrive in about half an hour. It''s been slow the last couple of times, 45 mins plus, but tonight it took over an hour.

Kathryn, 22 Oct 2017

Love the food but delivery has been late the last few times I've ordered from here. Both times over half an hour late which isn't great. This visit delivery took 1.45hours! Nan bread also missing

Chloe, 20 Oct 2017

Love it prefect food

Krzysztof, 16 Oct 2017

Excellent takeaway, as always

Kathryn, 16 Oct 2017

Excellent quality as always but it took 50 minutes to come.

Kathryn, 09 Oct 2017

Great stuff

Tony, 30 Sep 2017

Always great and don't expect anything else now.

Sharon, 29 Sep 2017

Always amazing

Chloe, 03 Sep 2017

great service! Great curry! Never disappoints!

Jodie, 02 Sep 2017

Food was amazing! Will defiantly be ordering again!

Victoria, 24 Aug 2017

Great food

Mitul, 20 Aug 2017

Delicious as usual.

Daniel, 20 Aug 2017

Amazing curry - best by far in Hertfordshire and as a chef, I know great food!!

Fiona, 19 Aug 2017

Fantastic food recommended to a few friends only down side Is I eat it too quickly lol. Thanks

Dean, 11 Aug 2017

Recently the quality of meat has not been as good as it used to be.

Colin, 07 Aug 2017

Good food and service, friendly staff

Daniel, 04 Aug 2017

Fantastic food, best Indian in Watford. Frequently order from here and would highly recommend it.

Evangeline, 02 Aug 2017

Best in Watford

Robert, 29 Jul 2017

No Comments

Airline, 25 Jul 2017

No Comments

Airline, 25 Jul 2017

No Comments

Airline, 25 Jul 2017

Very nice

Darren, 22 Jul 2017

Excellent food as usual. Bit slow this week though.

Kathryn, 17 Jul 2017

Always very good service

Lisa, 17 Jul 2017


Pat, 14 Jul 2017

Fresh every time. Best about 4sure

Chris, 19 Jun 2017

Food is great as always. Much appreciated.

Daniel, 17 Jun 2017

Favourite curry takeaway in watford. Always recommend

Dean, 17 Jun 2017

Always an excellent service - friendly staff, happy to solve any issues ) strongly recommend

Mike, 15 Jun 2017

The best curry house around, food hot and full of flavour worth paying a little bit extra

Nicole, 14 Jun 2017

The best food ever

Krzysztof, 11 Jun 2017

Percfecr food !!!!!

Krzysztof, 11 Jun 2017

food always very good and good service

John, 10 Jun 2017

The best indian food in Watford

Andy, 13 May 2017

My favourite curry house, food is lovely and has great flavour worth the money

Nicole, 08 May 2017

Best Indian takeaway in Watford

Kathryn, 02 May 2017

Very good service

Ben, 29 Apr 2017

Mint has become a weekly favourite in our house the food is delicious, the service is amazing and the delivery is always prompt, and with a smile.

Letty, 24 Apr 2017

best takeaway

Mark, 23 Apr 2017

Love this place!

Joanne, 23 Apr 2017

By far the best indian food available in Watford! !!.. just a joy every time...

Steve, 22 Apr 2017

Overall Good food

Kartikeya, 20 Apr 2017

Great food fantastic service

Bob, 15 Apr 2017

Always an excellent meal on the countless times we've ordered.

Bill, 29 Mar 2017

Best food in Watford !

Rachel, 12 Mar 2017

great )

Matt Small, 08 Mar 2017

best Indian take away in Watford

Adam King, 25 Feb 2017

Recommended by many of my friends - they were not wrong. Excellent quality, the lamb chops were to die for! Cheers.

Dobsy, 24 Feb 2017

Great food great service great people

Daniel Smith, 23 Feb 2017


Maurice , 16 Feb 2017

best indian takeaway for miles

Mark Riley, 08 Feb 2017

Great food fast service

Bobcawte, 28 Jan 2017

allways brilliant service and great food, no 1 takeaway curry house in Watford.

Lisa King , 28 Jan 2017


Laurence , 27 Jan 2017

always awesome food

Mark Riley, 17 Jan 2017

Delicious food as always. Great service to boot!

Daniel, 07 Jan 2017

Great food, good service and very friendly staff.

Neil Bates, 06 Jan 2017

Very nice food and always delivered on time!

Steve Boize, 30 Dec 2016

We switched to Mint from our normal Indian and was so impressed have kept coming back, really quick service, tasty food and friendly delivery ) Really good!

Mike, 23 Dec 2016

Always delicious!

Jwkd, 22 Dec 2016

Lovely food as usual!

Daniel, 18 Dec 2016

Quick and really tasty!!!! After using most of the Indian restaurants in Watford over the years, this is the best we have found.

Daniel, 11 Dec 2016

The food is excellent and very tasty. Always prompt delivery.

Hannah Kennedy, 10 Dec 2016

Love this place great food and quick delivery my favourite Indian

Kirby, 10 Dec 2016

best Indian takeaway in Watford. Would not use anywhere else!

Adam King , 10 Dec 2016

Excellent customer service. Very friendly staff, always willing to help. The food is delicious and we won't eat from any other Indian take away now.

Lindsay Browning, 06 Dec 2016

best takeaway for miles

Colin Ludlow, 25 Nov 2016

Amazing food

Patrick Hannigan , 22 Nov 2016

Excellent food - highly recommended.

Tony Cook, 19 Nov 2016

The best Indian takeaway I've ever had. Would recommend it to everyone

Ricky Gill, 15 Nov 2016

Good job

Scott, 12 Nov 2016

Excellent food, the best I have had in a long time. Keep coming back for more time and time again. Consistently , excellent food, You konw you have had really good Indian meal after being Minted )

Kieran, 09 Nov 2016

Great food, service very quick. Would order again.

Sid , 06 Nov 2016


Paddy Hannigan , 05 Nov 2016

Always good food. Always reliable

Ben, 05 Nov 2016

Ordered on a recommendation. Very pleased

Paul Hawkins , 03 Nov 2016

These guys are amazing. I made an order super late at night, was fully expecting a call to say it was too late to order but instead we got a call just saying the food was going to be later than expected. They turned up before the new estimated time and explained that the cheif had actually gone home for the night and they asked him back. Super grateful for these guys, they did an amazing job, food is great everytime I order. Thanks!

Chloe , 29 Oct 2016

Lamb Balti - Lamb is always amazing, great job!!!!

Tim Smith, 23 Oct 2016

Allways excellent - favourite curry house

Lisa King , 22 Oct 2016

Amazing food and really good that they can tell you exactly what is in their dishes!!!

Paddy Hannigan , 20 Oct 2016

Nice meal and friendly delivery, thanks!

Robert, 17 Oct 2016


Tom, 15 Oct 2016

Always delicious

Jwkd, 08 Oct 2016

Service was excellent and so was the food

Scott Magill, 08 Oct 2016

Best curry in Watford

D Smith, 07 Oct 2016

Best curry in Watford

Dan Smith, 07 Oct 2016

Very good

Prashant, 07 Oct 2016

Always Good

Tom, 05 Oct 2016

The best Indian food in Watford, I won't go to another takeaway

Helen Adamson, 04 Oct 2016

Always great food! Best Indian takeaway in Watford.

Saz, 25 Sep 2016

Always Good

Tom Luke, 24 Sep 2016

Food always good sofar

Tom Luke, 23 Sep 2016

as usual, very good

Alan Fenton, 17 Sep 2016

Always delighted with the food - first time trying the Apo seems very user friendly!

Jo, 17 Sep 2016


Mark Riley, 17 Sep 2016

Delicious as usual.

Martin Baldwin, 17 Sep 2016

I love Mint. Always fresh, always careful not to mix dairy in my order and are always very customer friendly! Thanks )

Shiv, 10 Sep 2016

Great food, super quick delivery. Same great service as always

Martin, 10 Sep 2016

Certainly one of the very best I have tasted,keep coming back time after time ... yum yum )

Kieran, 07 Sep 2016

Good quality

Tom, 27 Aug 2016

awesome as ever

Mark Riley, 26 Aug 2016

Always great food

Charlotte, 25 Aug 2016

Quick and tasty as usual.

Daniel, 22 Aug 2016

awesome indian takeaway

Mark Riley, 13 Aug 2016

Excellent food, best Indian food I've had in a long time!

Steve Taylor , 01 Aug 2016

Enjoyed. Thanks.

Dan, 16 Jul 2016

Arrives on time, tasty and hot. Love it

Meyhana, 14 Jul 2016

Good food

Harsh, 12 Jul 2016

Super quick and very tasty. Thanks!

Daniel, 08 Jul 2016

Always very good service.

Lisa King , 08 Jul 2016

Best curry around

Patrick , 05 Jul 2016

Very nice Indian food I order several times a week

Valter, 02 Jul 2016

Really nice Indian Food I order several times a week

Valter , 02 Jul 2016

Order most timesuccessful and always enjoyed our mealstay

Lala, 27 Jun 2016

Best food in Watford

Andy , 26 Jun 2016

Always good and freshly cooked. Nice!

Jeff Jones, 21 Jun 2016

Food always arrives within specified time and hot

Meyhana Langeveldt, 18 Jun 2016

Always very good service

Rachel , 18 Jun 2016

Very nice!

Daniel, 17 Jun 2016

Amazing food

Carol Mullen, 17 Jun 2016

Always fantastic food and timely delivery, the best Indian takeaway in Watford by a mile!!

Steve, 16 Jun 2016

Authentic food with great spice. Always order from here!

Evie, 11 Jun 2016

Love the food, authentic and great spice. Always order from here !

Evie, 11 Jun 2016

Brilliant food

Mitul, 11 Jun 2016

Absolutely superb

Alan Fenton, 03 Jun 2016

Food lovely thank you

Mary Wines, 27 May 2016

We always use mint whenever we fancy an Indian takeaway. The food is always very tasty, delivered in good time and the drivers are all very friendly. The porrtions are also brilliant as we like to share a few dishes and never feel hungry afterwards. A great takeaway and will repeatedly reuse and recommend.

Charlie, 27 May 2016

Allways lovely food and service

Lisa King, 23 May 2016

The Best Indian Takeaway in Watford! Satisfied every time!

Kelly, 21 May 2016

Not clear if card payments are secure. Have been very pleased with the food to date. Many thanks. Keep up the good work. Like the website.

Daniel, 20 May 2016

Great food too!

David Castle, 20 May 2016

This is the fourth time we have ordered from you and yet again your food is faultless. We have never had a takeaway that we have enjoyed as much as yours. Alway piping hot and such pleasant delivery drivers

Nicky Tompkins, 16 May 2016

Best curry in Watford!

Miss Collins, 10 May 2016

Really nice food on every order delivered. This is now my new favourite take away

Rachel, 30 Apr 2016

Allways really good service and food

Lisa King , 29 Apr 2016

Delicious meal,Highly recommended!!!Mint Special Biriany was briliant.Thanks Chef.

Vince, 18 Apr 2016

Always very good efficient service - and curries are allways really tasty would not go anywhere else in Watford.

Lisa, 18 Apr 2016

Quick delivery nice food

Rachel, 16 Apr 2016

service was very commendable will order again MrfryaaOrder

Fryaa Order, 15 Apr 2016

Super delicious curry we had after a long time. definitely order again.Highly recommended!!Thanks Chef

Jhon Croxley Green, 11 Apr 2016